2Welcome to UJ Catwalk! A custom world created by designer Uniquka Johnson-Christian, her fashion universe consists of the most unique and one of a kind creations. Since the age of 8, Uniquka was smitten by the fact that she could combine her love for drawing and sewing to create an actual, wearable work of art. Throughout high school, Uniquka began her fashion business by designing, making and marketing her apparel to fellow students as well as teachers. Uniquka also began producing her own fashion shows on a runway stage by age 14. As she cultivated her talents, she received a fashion scholarship to attend The Art Institute of Dallas of which she then went on to earn a Bachelors degree in business marketing from Prairie View A&M University.

Uniquka’s work has won many awards, competitions and recognition from various organizations and  media outlets.

1Uniquka acknowledges the the opportunities that she was granted throughout her fashion journey which is why she was inspired to create her own youth fashion organization as a way to pay it forward and give back. Her organization is called Student ICONS which stands for Student Innovators and Creators Of New Style. It is a fashion mentoring organization for youth which allows Uniquka to teach kids about the lost art form of sewing.  It is also an organization that will recognize up and coming youth fashion designers. The purpose of this organization meant to motivate and encourage kids to take an interest in sewing and fashion. Student ICONS is also a fashion segment on Good Day Sacramento Morning Show of which Uniquka’s ICONS are featured to showcase their fashion creations during a live broadcast.

Uniquka is a native of Dallas,Texas and currently resides in California.

Her work consists of custom and ready to wear creations of formal, dressy, and casual wear for women.

Uniquka’s apparel has been recognized by:

  • The Dallas Morning News
  • CW
  • ABC
  • MTV
  • Houston Style Magazine
  • Day Sun Magazine
  • Future Fashion Leaders of America
  • Good Day Sacramento Morning Show